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PT. Intermesindo Forging Prima Co., Ltd.


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PT. Intermesindo Forging Prima
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PT. Intermesindo Forging Prima

The products you can count on

Intermesindo Forging Prima is a world-wide manufacturer and supplier of high quality forging parts. Beginning with an advanced technology from abroad, our company's mission is to manufacture high-quality industrial products, especially hot forging parts. Over the years, Intermesindo Forging Prima have been continually developing and improving our management system as well as our production process.

At present, we have successfully achieved the internationally acclaimed ISO 9001:2008 quality standard system. With this system, we are aiming to maintain customers' satisfaction and confidence through our product realization and to gain recognition from public.

Our core markets are divided into three distinct categories: motorcycle, automobile and construction parts.

We are now serving the following markets:
Domestic Original Equipment Market (OEM)
Domestic After Market/Replacement Market
Export (Mostly South East Asia Region)

Achieving Excellence in A Challenging Environment

The Company was able to establish a firm basis for future prosperity by focusing on key marketing and forging manufacturing strategies, despite the challenges it faced.

Strategies that the Company implemented in the face of these challenges included generating new products, increasing production efficiency, reducing operating costs, enhancing the knowledge of its workforce, investing in its production facilities and continuing the improvements in all business sectors. The Company continued to intensify its commitment to achieve increased efficiency and effectiveness throughout by increasing the Company's management qualities.